Thursday, November 5, 2009

Letter Of Community Service Ladies Of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY INC I Need Help With My Interest Letter & Any Community Service Ideas?

Ladies of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY INC I need help with my interest letter & any community service ideas? - letter of community service

I hope that is an alias in the fall and try to be well prepared for the onslaught, and hopefully remove all expectations. So I have the opinion of a member of the fraternity. Are there any details that I raised in my letter of interest? Can I discuss my model AKA? (Vivian Stringer) I am currently in the process community service with Habitat for Humanity. I am impressed on the lookout for new types of services to the community. Ideas? What do I need to highlight?

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wonderin... said...

* Courtesy * I agree with my soror encourage discretion (your user name gives an idea of his real name, so it seems). But the second answer is also correct. Concentrate on what it would be an asset to the guild. Visit the website of the local and the national website for more information on the nature of the Alpha Kappa Alpha women considered for membership. Good luck.

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